I am passionate about applied and community-based HCI research: connecting people, building sustainable research & community eco-systems and inducing transformation and societal change for a better future. Conducting conscious science.

Here is a selection of my projects:

The older voices radio show. Photography: Daniel Parry
Working with mobile broadcasts. Photography: Daniel Parry

Co-founding the Later Life Audio and Radio Co-operative (@LLARCoop /

LLARC is an award winning multi-stakeholder co-operative of older content creators, local authorities, third sector & HCI and Gerontology researchers aiming to:

  • challenge ageist stereotypes in broadcasting & society,
  • strengthen intergenerational cohesion
  • use community radio to engage older adults civically.

LLARC is a member of Co-operatives UK. I was awarded a £10,000 Digital Economy grant by the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. LLARC has recently received the Newcastle University’s Engagement and Place award.

Listen to LLARC here.

Community tech development:

Digitalising community radio content: working with older adults on the co-creation of a custom Radio Grabber software to support older content creators in audio editing and uploading their radio shows.

Using the Radio Grabber software

Quantitative research:

Comparing loneliness and associated psychological factors within the ELSA (England) and DEAS (Germany) cohort studies.

Exploring the importance of social connectedness for well-being in older Berlin residents.