Dr. Arlind Reuter

Interdisciplinary Researcher:
Digital Civics | Human-Computer Interaction | Ageing
Connecting participatory research & community activism
Chair of the British Society of Gerontology’s Emerging Researchers in Ageing

Exploring conscious science

Arlind Reuter. Photography: Alexander Wilson

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the applied gerontology research group at Lund University (Sweden) funded by LMK Foundation for interdisciplinary scientific research. I have a PhD in Digital Civics from Open Lab (Newcastle University, UK).

Using participatory action research, I explore the intersection of ageing and digital citizenship. My qualitative research draws on collaborative and co-creative approaches with community stakeholders. It is informed by my interdisciplinary research background within the fields of Human-Computer Interaction & Interaction Design and Social Gerontology.


As part of my research & activism, I am a co-founder of the award winning Later Life Audio and Radio Co-operative.

The Later Life Audio and Radio Co-operative. Photography: Daniel Parry